14 Theme Parks with the Spookiest Halloween Celebrations

Howl-O-Scream, Busch Gardens Nationwide

busch gardens howl o screamVIA TRIPADVISOR.COM

Seaworld’s Busch Gardens locations in Williamsburg, Virginia and Tampa Bay, Florida are offering their annual Howl-O-Scream events. While exact themes will vary by park, expect to be freaked with escape rooms, multiple haunted houses such as “The Residence,” “Death Water Bayou,” “Insomnia: Patient’s Revenge,” “Motel Hell: Infestation” and “Simon’s Slaughterhouse.” Scare Zones will include “First Fear,” “Little Nightmares,” “Carpe Noctum,” “Camp DOA,” “Hell on Wheels” and “Meat Market.” Just the names are scary alone!

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