15 Modern Ways to Wrap Your Holiday Gifts

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Modern Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts

A selection of modern Christmas wrappings
Even though we do it every year without fail, gift wrapping may just be one of the most overlooked design choices of the entire holiday season. Thinking about it, it’s an oversight that makes complete sense. This time of year is rife with design choices, all of them competing to be the biggest statement in our decor. How big will we go in decorating our tree? What will be the centerpiece of our holiday dinner table? How will the stocking arrangement on this year’s mantle top what we did last year? Any of these questions would seem to demand more time and energy than we would usually put into choosing wrapping paper. But design isn’t just about the big moments. The little things that count just as much and most times it’s just those tiny details that end up bringing everything together to create the moments that stay with us long after the decorations have come down. And though it’s destined to be discarded at some point, (and likely in many small, shredded pieces) the wrapping we use to decorate our gifts, just like the decoration we put on the tree, the table and the mantle, is a sign of the care we take in every part of the holiday and every aspect of the giving process. So here are 15 of our favorite modern ways to show the people you love how much you care before they even open the gift.

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