7 really useful Christmas decor storage ideas

Forget the diet or the detox for a moment. This year, put sorting out the Christmas decorations as you pack them away at the top of your New Year resolutions list. You’ll thank us next December, when trimming the tree and hanging the garlands will simply become a piece of (Christmas) cake.

Try the following ideas:

1. See the biggest picture

Save all those gorgeous tree poses and perfectly-executed dining table shots you shared on social media and use them to create a visual reference guide for next Christmas. Keep everything together in an online ‘Christmas’ album or have the photographs printed and store with your boxes. Chances are, you’ll want to replicate your displays again next time and it can be frustrating trying to remember what goes where.

Woman takes photograph of Christmas table setting

2. Write your Christmas list

No, not that kind of list. The super-organised will write a list of the contents of every box as it’s packed away and tape it to each lid, so everything is clear for unpacking. At the very least, find a marker pen to scribble the contents on the side. Also, it’s a great idea to use clear storage boxes (buy a set from Amazon) so it’s easy to see what’s inside.

Try organising your decorations into types – perhaps by colour, function or room – and storing them accordingly. Pack all the tree decorations separately but together, from the skirt to the star on top, to save time the next time around. This doesn’t mean cramming them all in one box, by the way. Keep them together and label clearly.

Christmas decorations and ribbons in box

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