Best Summer Christmas Tree Ideas

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Who says you’re not allowed to have a Christmas Tree in summer? With these crafty and stylish designs, any time of year will work, so here are some Summer Christmas Tree ideas!

Summer Christmas Trees

There’s a growing trend among Christmas fanatics to leave your tree up all year long. While some people will leave the decorations too, many are updating their tree, like you might any other part of your Home Decor with fresh seasonal decorations. This trend is growing so much in popularity that there is now a demand for Summer Christmas Tree decor ideas! Trust us, we’re the experts.

Christmas Summer Decorations

Trying to convince the other people who may live with you to keep out Christmas Decorations all year round may be difficult, but you just need to get creative. I’ve put together a list of the best Summer Christmas Trees. They wouldn’t look out of place at a beach house, cottage or backyard bbq! Enjoy!

Summer Driftwood Christmas Tree

If you can’t afford this $400 one from Amazon, you could make it a summer project! Or, try one of these table-top sized ones instead:

  • Driftwood Metal Christmas Tree (Large) 12"W, 28"H
  • C&F Home Driftwood Tree Medium


Summer Pinecone Christmas Tree

This one couldn’t be easier to make yourself, either a whole wack of pinecones or a foam core and lots of different-sized pinecones. This could sit on a coffee table year-round without anyone batting an eye!

Supplies you might need:

 Potted Evergreen Tree

How about instead of boring patio plants, you use potted evergreens instead. They look very discreet, even with lights! Great for patios or even balconies! (What’s more? They’re artificial!)

  • Pure Garden 34 Inch Artificial Cedar Tree - Large Faux Potted Evergreen Plant for Indoor or Outdoor Decoration at Home or Office (Set of 2)
  • Nearly Natural 5172 4ft. Cedar Tree Silk Tree (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Artificial Evergreen Potted Tree, 65"

 Glass Christmas Tree

These lovely decorations make excellent mood lighting, indoors or out, any time of year. Some options even have colour LED lights. Although others don’t light up at all.

  • 11 Inch Set of 3 Silver Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Tabletop Finials
  • Holiday Christmas Tree - Mosser Glass USA - Large 8" (Crystal)
  • Mr. Christmas Twinkling Glass Christmas Tree - LED Lighting in Brilliant Mercury Glass with an Antiqued Metallic Finish, 12" Tabletop Christmas Tree Decoration in Gold
  • Mr. Christmas Twinkling Glass Christmas Tree - LED Lighting in Brilliant Mercury Glass with an Antiqued Metallic Finish, 12" Tabletop Christmas Tree Decoration in Silver

The Best Christmas in July Tree

Floral Tree

If you can actually convince your better half, or maybe you’re lucky enough to live alone, I think this cheeky floral tree is probably the ideal Summer Christmas design. What do you think? If you have an easy-to-assemble artificial tree, all you’ll need is to add some flowers! We suggest, to simplify, probably best to pick up a few floral garlands.


New Summer Christmas Tree Ideas for 2019

We’ve updated our article to include a few more amazing Summer Christmas tree ideas. Have a look below for some alternative trees, or ways to decorate your Christmas Tree year-round!

Sunflower Summer Christmas Tree

Summer Christmas Tree Ideas - Sunflower Christmas Tree

While this one has pumpkins and leaves, you could easily swap them out for other bright flowers and ivy to make a wonderful bright Summery Christmas Tree!

  • AmyHomie Artificial Sunflower Bouquet,7 Flowers Per Bunch, 2 Bunches Per Pack
  • Benchmark Bouquets Yellow Sunflowers, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers)
  • VGIA 24pcs Artificial Sunflower Heads Silk Flower Faux Floral Yellow Gerber Daisies for Wedding Table Centerpieces Home Kitchen Wreath Hydrangea Cupcakes Topper Decorations
  • KINWELL 100pcs Mini Artificial Silk Yellow Sunflower Heads 1.8" Fabric Floral for Home Decoration Wedding Decor, Bride Holding Flowers,Garden Craft Art Decor

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

This one would fly under the radar if you kept it covered in seasonal messages. In summer you could have a countdown to your vacation days! Leave this one up all year long for the kiddos to decorate, it’s a great All Year Long Christmas Tree!

Nautical Themed Summer Tree

All aboard! Choose some amazing nautical themed decorations to make your Christmas Tree all about summer days out on the high seas! Compass, Anchor, Wheels and messages in a bottle will make this Summer Christmas tree idea a wonderful decoration for your sunny summer days!

Summer Butterfly Christmas Tree

This is my favourite Summer Christmas Tree Ideas for 2019! Butterflies! If you want to keep your tree up all year, this is an easily and beautiful way to decorate it for Spring and Summer. Get some oversized Butterflies from your favourite Craft store and cover your tree with the sparkling wings. A wonderfully over-the-top decoration for the bright days of summer.


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