Christmas Dinner Table Games for Adults

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Share a Favorite Holiday Memory

Try this icebreaker game at the dinner table after everyone is finished eating. As the name implies, people are to share a favorite holiday memory. Use our list or create your own.

  • What was your best (or worst) Christmas gift as a child?
  • What is your favorite Holiday song?
  • When do you open and exchange presents?
  • What is one gift you’ll never forget receiving?
  • What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie?
  • What is one of your family’s Christmas traditions?
  • It wouldn’t be Christmas without _______________.
  • What is one thing you really want for Christmas?
  • What Christmas TV special or movie is a must in your family each year?
  • Are you traveling for Christmas? If so, where are you going?
  • What is your favorite kind of Christmas candy?
  • What is your favorite Christmas food?
  • What is your favorite Christmas ornament? Why?



Message under a Plate

Perfect for a dinner party, get ready for this game in advance by preparing slips of paper with strange phrases or sentences that normally would not fit into a dinner conversation. After everyone takes their seat, tell them to read the message under their plate and try to insert the message into the conversation without getting caught. If a player accuses another player of using his message, but is incorrect, he is out of the game. At the end of dinner, find out which players successfully used their messages without being caught. You can use messages from the list below or make up your own.

  • I saw a monkey at the zoo.
  • I only did so once, when I was in France.
  • The flowers were blooming profusely.
  • Then my computer stopped working.
  • My great aunt died on a Monday in May.
  • I do not know about you, but I plan to be cremated.
  • The electricity suddenly went out and it was very dark.


Topics Tables

Instead of letting everyone sit with the people they know, have them sit at specific tables or in groups that match their personalities or interests. For example, have a table for those who love to travel, for those who love dogs, and one for people who love to cook. This method of seating assures everyone will have something in common about which they can talk.


Holiday Fortunes

Place a small blown up red or green balloon at each person’s place at the table with a slip of paper inside upon which you write a fortune or prediction. It is fun if you use silly fortunes. We have given some suggestions below. After dinner, have each person pop their balloon and read the fortune.

  • You will kiss someone under the mistletoe before the party is over.
  • You have a big surprise coming to you in the next three days.
  • You are going to eat too many Christmas cookies tonight.
  • You will go on a vacation to an unexpected place.
  • Someone you are thinking about is thinking about you.
  • You will get a new pet next week.
  • You will get a job promotion next year.
  • That gift you really want has been purchased for you.
  • You will like all your gifts enough this year so much that none will need to be returned.
  • You will have to return almost all your gifts this year.
  • You will meet a famous movie star.
  • You will find something valuable lying on the street.



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