Funny Christmas Facts

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Some Christmas facts tickle our funny bones or make us smile, such as the fact that the first artificial Christmas tree branches were made by a toilet brush company. We have this and other funny facts about Christmas to tickle your funny bone and help you be the life of the party. Enjoy the following list of funny Christmas facts.

  • If you are really in to recycling, you can eat your Christmas tree. The needles provide vitamin C. You can also eat pine nuts, if you tree comes with pinecones! Some Christmas trees become food for zoo animals.
  • Santa’s elves can be traced back to the “nature folk” of pagan religions.
  • Mistletoe was an ancient symbol of virility, so someone stood under it if they were available to the opposite sex.
  • Ukrainian Christmas tree decorations often include an artificial spider and web because they believe a spider web found on Christmas morning brings good luck.
  • Letters to Santa Clause from the millions of kids all over the world go to a Canadian Post Office if the zip code is HOH OHO (“Ho, Ho, Ho”).
  • People used to tell scary ghost stories on Christmas Eve a century ago.
  • In the 1800s, artificial Christmas trees were made from dyed goose feathers or the stuff hula skirts were made from – green raffia.
  • The Addis Brush Company made pine-like “branches” using the machines created to make toilet brushes. Used for artificial trees, they could hold heavy decorations and were not flammable.
  • Newspaper publishers hate publishing phone numbers as the potential for a mistake is high. In 1955, Sears tried to put the number of one of their stores where children could call Santa Clause and tell him what they wanted for Christmas in the newspaper. However, the number printed was for the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) hotline. Thus, “Santa Tracker” began. NORAD still provides flight updates on the internet, TV news, and a special iPhone app each Christmas.
  • December 25 to January 5, referred to as “Christmastide” or “Twelve Holy Days,” is the derivation of the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”
  • Denny’s restaurants in the United States originally stayed open all day and night, so their buildings were built without locks. In 1988, they decided to close on Christmas Day, but they could not lock the doors!
  • The Internet lists nearly fifty funny Christmas songs, including “Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire,” “Christmas Don’t Be Late” (the Chipmunk Song), and “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”
  • Nearly six million dollars are spent during the holiday season on ugly Christmas sweaters.

Whether you are looking for a little-known fact to share with friends or to start a conversation at a party, or a funny Christmas fact to make people laugh, this article will give you a perfect Christmas fact for any occasion. Test yourself and others to see how much Christmas trivia is known already. Have fun!

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